1. Whats better to start a blog with than showing your best? How even to start? This photo is the most popular on my lomohome and one of my favourites too. I took it while riding the train up to Heidelberg Castle, a steep way up through the tunnel, desperately pressing my LC-A against the glass of the window to avoid shake during the long time of exposure. After taking it, I did not think of it again. A perfect example of a photo you didn´t plan a lot of that turns out great. What´s your favourite photo taken this way?

  2. Bundesliga starts tomorrow! Gone be there! Forza Hannover 96!

  3. AWD Arena, home of Hannover 96

    Camera:  Lomo LC-Wide

    Film:  Kodak T-Max P3200

  4. Camera:  Seagull 4A

    Film:  Kodak Portra 160nc

  5. Hannover <3

  6. LC-A und Ilford Pan F+ 50 in Linz und Au an der Donau (by zark on Lomography)

  7. Camera:  Lomo Smena Symbo

    Film:  Fuji Superia

  8. Feeding Elephants

  9. Camera:  Lomo LC-A

    Film:  Dm Paradies Dia/Slide xpro

    Location: Abandoned Continental Factory in Hannover

  10. Velocity: Going fast, freezing time. Movement, momentum. (by zark on Lomography)