5. lutzbornemann:

    Crossprocessed double exposure of the King Ernst-August monument in front of Hannover main train station.

    Within the horseback King of Hannover you can see a photo of the frontside of Hannover main train station, which is part of a lomowall in my living room. Having those two objects that belong together in one picture is not intentional since the second exposure was taken after rewinding an re-inserting the film. Between both exposure lie about two moth.

  6. lutzbornemann:

    Elephant eating a carrot in Hagenbecks Tierpark in Hamburg.

    Lomo LC-Wide with it´s brilliant wide 17mm lens.

  7. lutzbornemann:

    Five Trees on a flooded field near my home. 

  8. lutzbornemann:

    “Long” time exposure (about 2 seconds) on the train up to Heidelberg castle. The most liked picture in my lomohome and among the top 20 most popular LC-A photos on lomography.com.

  9. lutzbornemann:

    Jürgen, fan of the Hannover football team Hannover 96, enjoying a beer and a fish sandwich prior to Hannover 96´s match versus Schalke 04 in April 2010 which Hannover won 4 to 2.

    Hipshot with the Lomo LC-A.

  10. lutzbornemann:

    Roses at the roadside in early summer. Taken with a Carl Zeiss Tessar M42 lens on a Porst Compact Reflex slr camera.